At Wholesale Power UK Limited our Client support services include the management of all aspects of Carbon Management, including plant efficiency, carbon compliance legislation, power generation, green technology and renewables.

  • Plant Efficiency: On-site investigation, management reporting & post report presentation

  • Carbon Compliance: Collation of data, Evidence Pack Management & Reporting.

  • Power Generation: Consideration of CHP, Heat Pumps etc.

  • Green Technology: Up to date review of latest technology for reduced emissions.

  • Renewables:  Feasibility Studies for Wind, Hydro, Solar or Photo Voltaic options.

Fixed Fees or forward Management Contracts allow Wholesale Power UK Limited to provide the required level of support and competence to satisfy customer needs.

Our involvement will be pro-active and guidance will be offered through clear, concise and user-friendly cooperative management to enable current on-site resources to be fully engaged.

Wholesale Power UK Limited will not only identify savings opportunities but will support your current Management Team to maximise latent in-house potential.


For more information contact 01524 590000 Option 1 or email